Click HERE to add navigation links at the top of your website.


A drop-down menu in the navigation bar would look something like this: 

To achieve that, you would have to first click on 'Header' under the Pages view. 

You should then scroll until you see the '+' sign beside Navigation Links. Click that to add a new Navigation Link. 

You should fill out the Link Text field. This will be how your navigation link looks like. 

Click on the dropdown to link to a page or a section of a page on the website.

Note: You must make sure that a page exists before you can link it there. Ie: A page for Grooming Services should already be present before you are able to link it. Click HERE on creating a new page.

To link to an external url, a phone number or email address select the most appropriate option and enter the url, phone number or email address. 

Click on the Back arrow once you're done. Note that the Navigation Link has been created and added to the Navigation Bar on your website. 

To make it into a drop-down menu, hold down on the 6 grey dots and drag the row INTO the header you'd like. In this case, Grooming Services would be dragged into Services 

It should end up looking like this with a slight indent for Grooming Services:

If you hover on the Services navigation link on your preview site, it should show the drop-down menu now 🎉

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