First, sign up for an account with Eciwd. Verify your email address and watch the video below to complete the basic set up for your website!

For further information on how to set up payments and shipping etc click here to learn more! 

Adding Products On Ecwid

  • Go to Ecwid Control Panel → Catalog → Products
  • Click the "+Add New Product" button.
  • Add the photo of your first product by clicking on "Add image". Then add the title and a compelling description. You can also add a video, a photo or code to the description (by clicking on the <> sign).
  • Add the base price of your product. The base price is the minimum cost your client will pay for your product. If you add product options, your extra fees will add to or subtract from this base price.
  •  Your SKU is your inventory number. You may use letters or numbers. If you do not have inventory numbers for your products, you may add whatever you wish here (as long as you know what the number corresponds to).
  • Do not forget to add the weights of your products. This is very important for automatic shipping calculations (which we will have a look at further on in this guide).
  •  Add the additional photos of your products under the "Gallery" tab.
  • Once you're done, it should look something like this! 

Still confused? Watch this video here! 

Adding Ecwid to B12

  • Get the integration code through the setup wizard on Dashboard page in your Ecwid control panel or generate your code here
  • If you are generating your code, you will be able to find your Store ID at the Ecwid Control Panel in the bottom left corner of every page of the control panel.
  • Key in your store ID under the 'Your store ID' section

Adding it on B12

  • Select the '+' and select the add a product page 

  • Under the product section, select 'Add Section'.
  • Click 'Add Integration'
  • Select Ecwid
  • Insert your code that you obtained from Ecwid onto the 'Embed Code' section.
  • Hit Submit and there you go! 

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