1. Navigate to the Style tab and select the Custom tab at the top 

    2. Scroll down to the colors section

$primary: background color when a section background is set to “accent” 

$gray-900: text color in sections where background is set to “light”, and background color where background is set to “dark”. In this example, it’s the text color of the work section.

$cta-button-background-color: background color for call-to-action buttons

$cta-button-text-color: text color for call-to-action buttons

$form-border-color: color of the border of contact form

$form-background-color: color of the background of contact form

$simple-cta-text-color: text color for call-to-actions (except CTA buttons)

Video: https://www.useloom.com/share/60d62f05b41a4699b7c03c58e1e7528c

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