In the Style View, click on the Custom tab in the top center.

Here you see the Fonts and Colors associated with your website. Colors appear under Fonts.

Click on the down arrow next to the types of fonts to choose a different font. 

Once you have selected the font you want to use, scroll to the top and click on the Save button.

After your change, click save and then refresh button at the top to see your change.

The fonts vary within the themes, but for the theme we are using in this example:

$hero-title-font = Hero title text

$hero-subtitle-font = Subheader in Hero text

$header-2-font = The header text for each section

$header-3-font = The secondary header text for some sections

$header-4-font = The labels of the contact form

$cta-font = The font for the text that are “calls-to-action” (ie. View All )

$cta-button-font = The font for the text in buttons

$text-font = Body text (and for this template, the Navigation as well)

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