We recommend using a .svg or a high-resolution .png file. However, we also support  .jpg and .gif (aniated image) file types for logos.
When adding a logo to your website it will be added at the top left of your website header. 

Adding Your Logo

Log into your B12 website and select Pages > Header.

Under Logo click on the drop-down menu and the + icon to upload your logo file:

You can now upload a new file and your logo will appear on the top left of your website.


Changing Your Logo Size

In the left-hand navigation click on the Style tab:

Select the Custom tab at the top of the sidebar.

Scroll down until you see 'Logos'. 

Open the $logo-size accordion and select your desired logo size from the dropdown list:

That's it! You can watch the video recording below for the entire walkthrough. 

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