To create a video gallery section on any page, 

First navigate to the page you'd like to add the video gallery to. 

Under the 'Pages' tab, select the page you'd want to add the Video Gallery section to. In our example, we've gone ahead and chose the Video Gallery section to be added on our Home Page: 

Click on the '+' symbol to add a new section on your Home Page:

You will see a list of sections you can add. Click on Video Gallery: 

A Video Gallery section is now on your Home Page! It's added to the bottom of the page. The editing pane for the Video Gallery will appear on the left pane and you should click the 'Back' arrow.

You can now arrange the order/ positioning of this new gallery anywhere on your page. Assuming we want to bring it to below the 'Gallery' section, you can simply hold down on the 6 dots circled and drag it upwards:

There you have it! Your Video Gallery should now be updated on the right (your website preview)


To edit videos in the video gallery section, 

Click on the video gallery section you'd like to edit. The left pane should change as shown.

Scroll down until you see 'Resources'. Select the video you'd like to edit.

It should then open up the editor pane for that video specifically. 

Scroll slightly down until you see 'Link'. Click on that.

Paste your YouTube/ Vimeo link in the highlighted field below.

If you'd want the video to open in a new tab, click the button (circled). 

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