• Scroll down to the Link  section and change the Text to a CTA that you want. 
  • Select the Link Type that you would like. Eg. Page or section, External website URL, Media file etc. 

  • To link to a page or section, Click on the dropdown to link to a page or a section of a page on the website, and select the page or section that you would like to link it to! 
  • To link to an external url, a phone number or email address select the most appropriate option and enter the url, phone number or email address.=
  • To link to an email address, click on email address and input your email that you want your customers to contact you at. 
  • To add your phone number, select phone number.
  • If you have a media file that you would like to link the navigation link to, select the Media File option. 
  • Click on the dropdown arrow circled in red to browse through your library for media content. 
  • Lastly, you can link it to Nowhere as well if the link destination does not exist yet or if the parent navigation link does not have a link destination yet! 

Open in a new tab/appear as a button/appear as a link

  • Open in a new tab - link will open up in a new tab when clicked. (Recommended so that your customers will stay on your website)
  • Button - Text will appear as a button (Good for drawing your customer's attention to it)
  • Link - Text will appear as a link
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