• Click on the call-to-action (CTA) button (it has a green tick beside it)
  • Subsequently on the left pane, click on the link section that is circled in purple. 
  • Over at the Text, you can change the 'View Menu' to 'Find out more' or anything else you would like. 
  • Go to Link type to select if you would like it to be linked to a Page or section/External website URL/Media file/Email address/Phone number or nowhere.
  • If you want to change the page that it links to (meaning the page that you will be directed to when you click on the button), go to Link To and select the page/section that you want. 
  • If you would like it to appear as a button, click Button under the appearance section. If not, you can select Link as well. 

Changing Call-To-Action Button Colors

  • cta-button-background-color-[light/dark/accent]-section
  • cta-button-text-color-[light/dark/accent]-section
  • cta-button-border-color-[light/dark/accent]-section

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