Setting up a website can be hard and take a lot of time. We offer our customers a Design Customization where a certified B12 Designer will get your website ready to launch. 

Premium customers get access to a Prioritized Design Customization that will help you to achieve the ideal website that you have always wanted. 


To get a Design Customization, hop on a call with our  and a B12 Designer will update the content, images and style of your website. This can be found on your Dashboard:

Clicking on that will take you to our Design Form where you can fill out various questions pertaining to your algorithmically generated website (what you are seeing on the right pane now). What it does is to get your feedback about the website and what changes you'd like to see afterward! 

Once that's submitted, our designers will then get started on personalizing your website.

Check out this before and after! 

Once the free design time has been used up, we could arrange for another arrangement to get your edits done! If you would like extra help, just reach out to our support team and tell us what you need so we can provide you an estimate for your project. 

This can be anything ranging from bigger projects to adding third-party integrations. All work is billed hourly with a retainer charged to your credit card at the beginning of a project.

Otherwise, you can always make the remaining edits yourself. 

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