We recommend using a .svg or a high-resolution .png file. However, we also support  .jpg and .gif (aniated image) file types for logos.

Adding A Text Logo

  • Log into your B12 website and click on the header (circled in red)

Adding A Text Logo

  • On the left hand pane, you will able to see the section circled in red. If you would like a text logo instead of a picture, edit the text here! 

Adding A Brand Logo

  • Upload your brand logo in the section circled in red! 

Do note that it may appear at a different location if you have chosen a different layout! 


Changing Your Section Layout

  • To change your section layout, go to Appearance, and then Layout.
  • Select the section layout that you would like, and confirm the changes!
  • There are currently eight different types of layouts for the header. Do take note that it might cause some data mappings to be lost, but fret not. You can easily link them back! Just pick the one that looks good to you.


Changing Your Logo Size

  • In the left-hand navigation click on the Style tab, then click on the Custom tab at the top of the sidebar.
  • Select the $logo-size and select your desired logo size from the dropdown list:

If you no longer want an icon, simply press the little x at the top right hand corner of the box.

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