Click HERE to add navigation links at the top of your website.


  • Click on the header section (has a green tick)
  • In this example, we are going to try and add a drop-down navigation bar for the About Us page. 
  • Click on the 8 grey dots that are circled in red the example above to drag the relevant section around.
  • You should be able to see a little arrow pointing to the About section (which we want the About Us section to appear under in this example).
  • A green tick will appear if the section can be moved successfully. Once you see the green tick appear, you can let go of your mouse and it will appear under the About section. 
  • If a red cross appears, that means that the section is unable to move there. Continue to drag your mouse to the correct section till the small green tick appears! 

If you hover on the Home navigation link on your preview site, it should show the drop-down menu now! 🎉

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