Sections are the specific contents found within each page. It is important to pick sections that are pertinent to your business and that will house the information you want to provide.

Here is a partial list of example sections:

About Us -This section contains information about your business, its history, its people, etc.
Contact Us -This provides users with the appropriate methods to contact your company.
Products and Services -This section highlights your company’s products and services.
Events -This area talks about upcoming or recent events, such as conventions, company picnics, meetings, etc.
Testimonials -This section allows you to post customer testimonials for potential clients to read.
Resources -This allows you to display links relative to your industry, or other sites your customers would find interesting.
Frequently Asked Questions -This area allows you to display a list of questions your customers ask frequently, along with the answers.


It is important that you strategize your website well so it reflects your business the most accurately. 

For example, the “About” page could contain one or more of the following sections:

  1. Our Business
  2. Our Team
  3. Contact Information/Form

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