Change your font

No Times New Roman for you? Gotcha. 

You can change your font by following these steps below. 

  • Go to Style. It is located on your left hand pane, under website. 
  • Click on the box beneath Fonts
  • Select a font pairing that you like from the list on the left! You will be able to see the changes reflected on your website on the right. The changes are saved automatically as well! 

If you're very comfortable with making highly customized edits, you can enable expert mode to make additional edits to your fonts. These include font sizes, spacing, colors and the various types of text on the website. 

  • Click on the gear logo and then enable expert mode

Navigation Fonts

  • Logo: logo-text-font
  • Navigation links: nav-link-font
  • Call-to-action button: nav-cta-font

Hero Fonts

  • Hero Title: hero-title-font
  • Hero Subtitle: hero-subtitle-font
  • Hero CTA: hero-cta-font

Display Fonts

  • Header: display-xl-font
  • Body text: body-font
  • Service/product text: display-font
  • Call-to-action link: link-secondary-font

Change your font color

  • Click on the gear logo and then enable expert mode
  • Go to Style and click on Colors (Circled below).
  • You will be able to see a full list of text types that you can change! 

Here are the various different types of font you can edit. 

Go wild! 

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