Note: If you do not have a B12 Blog Feed with an initial blog post, follow these instructions to get started.

  • If you already have a B12 Blog Feed with an initial blog post, here are some instructions on how to add new blog posts to your Blog Feed.
  • To get started, log in to the website editor. If you are having trouble logging in, you can follow these instructions
  • For instructions on how to create a new blog post, click this link

Once you have a new post, follow these instructions: 

  • Click Blog Feed
  • Click Blog Feed
  • Click Add new blog post
  • Paste your blog post into the Body.
  • Add your Title, Author, Date, and Tags.

  • Click the + button
  • Update the link fields to link this post in the feed to your full-length blog post. 
  • Text: Read more
  • Link type: Page or section
  • Links to: Blog Post 1 (the name of the blog post you are adding) 
  • Select Button
  • Click Back when you are done linking your blog post. 
  • Click Add item at the bottom of the website editor panel to finish adding this post to the Blog Feed. 
  • Ensure you click the purple Publish button so your live website reflects this change.

Congratulations! You have created a new blog post and added it to your Blog Feed! 🎉 

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