1. Go to B12.io and click Log In. Logging in takes you to your website editor. 

2. Once logged in, click Add Page

3. Type blog in the search bar and click Blog Post

4. Click Actions and then Rename.

5. Set the name to the title of your Blog Post, and click Rename.

6. Click the Blog Post section.

7. Delete the automatically generated Blog Post.

9. Click Add new blog post.

9. Fill out the empty fields for your blog post, and click Add Item

10. Your screen should now look something like this!

11. Click the Home icon.

12. Click Add Page.
13. Type blog in the search bar and click Blog Feed

14. Click the Blog Feed section.

15. Delete the existing automatically generated blog posts.

16. Click Add existing blog post, search for your blog posts's title, and click on it.

17. Click on your blog post. 

18. Click Link.

19. Fill out the Text field and set the Link type to Page or section.
20. Click Select page or section under Links to, search by your blog post’s title, and click on it.  

21. You can now click Publish to make your blog go live on your website!

Don’t forget to add your new Blog Feed page to your website’s navigation bar! You can learn how to do this by clicking here

To add new blog posts to your Blog Feed in future, follow steps 1 to 11 to set up the new blog post page, and then steps 16 to 21 to add it to your Blog Feed page. 

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