Adding a section

1. Find the page you want to add a new section to. You can see a list of your pages by clicking the home icon ⌂.

2. Click Add Section.

3. Select the section's function, e.g. Testimonials, Services, Newsletter Sign-up, etc.

4. Select a section layout. 

New sections are automatically added to the bottom of the page, but you can change the order of your sections.

Hiding a section

Hiding lets you continue working on a section without showing it on your live website.

1. Click the section you want to hide.

2. Click Actions.

3. Click Hide.

To show a section that has been hidden:

1. Click Actions.

2. Click Show.

Deleting a section

1. Click the section you want to delete.

2. Click Actions.

3. Click Delete.

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