The price for our Premium Plan is $29/month (month to month, no commitment) and includes 2 hours of design by our experts here in NYC. 

We'll have you fill out a questionnaire and then design and build the website for you and present it to you in about 1-2 days when it's ready. From there you can make any edits you want or use B12 to make the changes for you. We'll also host it it and can bring in the same URL you're using now or purchase a new one for you. Our Customer Success Team will work with you help get your website launched! 

Finally, every month we'll send you recommendations on how to improve the website. 

Once you're upgraded we will have you fill out a design questionnaire so our design team knows what to build for you. You'll have 2 full hours of their design assistance. If you'd like us to keep working on the website or if the project you'd like us to work on requires more time we'll give you an idea of the scope and cost. We bill additional design hours at $75/hour -- if needed.

Before expert design assistance: 

After design expert assistance:

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