Content in the design suite is mapped to a specific “object” in the content management system (CMS).

For instance, each project in this “Our Work” section is an object in the CMS.

When you edit the details of one project, for example Abstract Art, that project will be updated on all pages on which it appears, eg. Home page and Our Work page.

Similarly, each text component is mapped to a text object in the CMS.

If you edit this text directly, it will update all “Let’s Talk Business” text across pages on the website, such as Home, About and Our Work pages.

If you wish to only edit the text on a specific page, click on the “+” button to add a new text object:

Add a new text into the content box:

The text on other pages will remain the same (“Let’s Talk Business”).


You can also use the same content across different sections and different pages in the Design Suite by mapping them to the same “object” in the content management system. This will allow you to change content consistently across sections by updating one content “object”.

For example, to use the same text in different sections:

Click on the pencil icon:

In the Content Management System, select the content you want to map to:


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