What Is Browser Cache?

Your browser stores websites, cookies, and files every time you visit a website. This ensures websites load quickly when you revisit them. Storing websites is great when you are browsing the web, but it can make it difficult to see the latest version of your B12 Website!

If you make edits to your website and hit Preview or Publish, but don't see your changes live, you can do two things:

  • Refresh your browser
  • Clear your browser cache

How To Refresh Your Browser

  • Hit the ⟳ button to refresh
  • Perform a hard refresh, by holding shift and clicking the ⟳ button. This should ignore any cached data for the website.

How To Clear The Browser Cache

If after refreshing the browser you still don't see the updated content, you may need to clear your browser cache.

Depending on the device and browser you are using you can follow the instructions below to clear your cache.

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