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Page and Website Metadata

Learn more about your B12 website's Metadata and OG (Open Graph) tags, which are used by search engines and social media.

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What is Metadata?

Metadata is information about your website that search engines and other websites can use to create a useful summary or preview of your site's content.

How is Metadata Used?

Below is a screenshot of what Google search results show when you Google 'B12 websites'.

Take a look at the About page: It shows the title of the page as well as the description of the About page. This search result is influenced by your site's Metadata!

What are OG (Open Graph) Tags?

OG Metadata is used by sharing and social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn to create a customizable preview when you share a link to your website. OG Tags determine the page title, description, and image that will show up when your site is shared.

What parts of my site have Metadata?

You can add Metadata for every page and blog post on your website. Each page will have unique title and description information, as well as a unique OG image.

You can also set Metadata for your entire site, although this data is not used as frequently and may only affect your site if there is no page-level Metadata set.

For instructions on how to edit page or site Metadata and OG Tags, view this article.

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