Page SEO

What is the SEO for each page of your website? Let's take a look at the SEO for the Gallery section of this website.

  • Go to Home then click on the text box that is circled in red! 
  • You can add your page title and your page description in the section circled in red below. 
  • Just to explain this in detail, this is a screenshot of what google search results show when you google for 'B12 websites'! 
  • Let's take a look at the About page that is circled in red! It shows the title of the Page as well as the Page description of the about page! 

Website SEO

  • Go back to the main page of your design suite and click on search engines!
  • This will be how it looks like when someone searches for your business on Google! 
  • A Favicon is the small icon that you see on the tab of websites. It helps your customers to locate your website easily, especially when they have multiple tabs open. :) 

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