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Are B12 contact forms HIPAA compliant?
Are B12 contact forms HIPAA compliant?

A brief explanation of how B12 contact forms fit with HIPAA compliance

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The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) regulates how certain kinds of health information can be collected, stored, and shared by medical service providers. If you're a medical practice or another type of covered entity with a website, you've most likely worried about your patient contact forms being HIPAA compliant.

Currently, B12 forms are not HIPAA compliant, but there are many third-party web forms available that are HIPAA compliant and will integrate with your B12 website.

For more information and advice on how these web form providers might fit into your own HIPAA compliance plan, check out this article on HIPAA Journal's website

Here are a few third-party form providers that offer HIPAA compliant forms, in no particular order:


123 Form Builder:

Form Assembly:


Simple Interact:


Bxb Secure:

Once you choose a third-party form provider and create your form, the next step is to integrate the HIPAA compliant form with your B12 website.

For general information about website integrations, check out the Integrations FAQ article. For specific instructions about how to add your HIPAA compliant form to your website as an HTML integration, click here

If you've created the form on your own but want some help integrating everything with your B12 website, please Request an Update using the steps found here.

Still need some help? Feel free to send your questions to or send a chat message to the Customer Success team from within your website editor.

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