How to use PayWhirl with your B12 website

Learn how to embed PayWhirl widgets in your B12 website

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You can use PayWhirl to set up recurring subscriptions for your customers. You only need two things: a PayWhirl account and a payment processor

PayWhirl has a great PayWhirl setup & quick start guide article on their support website that will walk you through creating your account, setting up subscription Plans, and then creating Widgets to install payment options on your website. 

Once you've created your PayWhirl Widgets, follow the steps found in this article to integrate them with your website.

If you need some extra help or don't want your widget to be in a section on its own (the result of following the steps in the above B12 article), you can request an update to your website and one of our experts can install the widgets for you.

If you have additional questions, please contact your dedicated Customer Success team member or email support at 

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