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How to define your website's homepage (or home page)
How to define your website's homepage (or home page)

Change which page visitors will see on arrival.

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In website terms, a home page, or homepage, is the main page on your website. It is also typically the first page visitors will see when they arrive. Whenever a B12 website is generated, we add a page called Home to the site and automatically set it to be the homepage.

You can tell which page of your site is set as the homepage by looking for the house icon in the Pages list. 

How to choose a new homepage

From the "Hey there" welcome screen:

  1. Click the Website, then Pages menu

  2. Click the page you want to set as your homepage

  3. Click the gear icon next to the page's name to open the Quick Actions menu

  4. Click Set as homepage

  5. Click Publish in the upper right corner

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