Your homepage is the first page visitors see when they go to your website. 

The page currently set as the homepage has a home icon next to it. By default, Home is set as your homepage. 

You can choose which page is set as your homepage. 

To set a new page as the homepage: 

1. Click the new page. 

2. Click the gear icon ⚙.  

3. Click Set as homepage.

4. Click Publish.

This is helpful if you want to launch your website on a Coming Soon page while you continue editing your website behind the scenes. 

It's better to launch sooner on a Coming Soon page than wait until you've made your website perfect. Coming Soon pages: 

  • Capture customer email addresses (you don't want to miss out on precious leads!)
  • Build brand momentum.
  • Give you a head start in appearing in Google search results.

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