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Changing a page URL, including team members, services, or blog posts
Changing a page URL, including team members, services, or blog posts

Follow these instructions to customize the web address (URL) for any page on your website.

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Your web address (URL) for each page on your site is typically determined by the name of your page. You can customize page and blog post URLs by following these instructions.

1. From the editor Home screen, Website, then Pages, then select the Page or Blog Post you would like to edit.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the left editing pane and click the Metadata or Search engine optimization section.

3. Scroll to the bottom until you see Page URL Relative path.
The default URL will appear in the box in gray text.

4. Type your new page URL overtop of the current URL.
Only include the part of the URL that follows your domain name.
For example: enter about-us rather than
Best practice is to use only lowercase letters and to replace spaces with dashes.

For more complex URLs, you can add slashes.
For example, to add, enter blog/everyday-is-a-winding-road.

*Note that you cannot change the relative path of your homepage, as it defaults to /index .

5. Click Publish in the top right corner to update your live website.

Optional: You may also want to set up a redirect so that your old URL forwards all web traffic to the new one.

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