A Privacy Policy is a statement that discloses what kinds of personal information you gather from your website's visitors.

This article explains how to add a Privacy Policy page and link to it in your website's footer.

You are responsible for writing the Privacy Policy. For guidance, we recommend using one of the following generators:

Create the Privacy Policy page

  1. Log in to B12.io.

  2. Click Pages.

  3. Click Add page.

  4. Select Privacy Policy.

  5. Click the Privacy Policy section.

6. Copy your Privacy Policy text from its source and paste it into the text boxes on the left side of the Editor.

Now that you have created the Privacy Policy page, add a link to it in your website's footer so that your users can find it.

1. Hover over your website's footer and click Edit section.

2. Click Add navigation link.

Note: If you don't see the option to add a navigation link, you might need to change your footer's layout.

3. Enter Privacy Policy under Text, Page or section under Link type, and select Privacy Policy under Links to, as pictured below.

4. Click Publish in the top-right corner. Your Privacy Policy is now visible on your website.

Questions? Email hello@b12.io.

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