B12’s response to Covid-19

We’re here to support our customers.

Written by Katelyn Gray

Covid-19 has changed everything about life and work, and the B12 team is striving to help you maintain business continuity. Here are the various ways we're doing our part to ease the burden that our customers are facing.

Free consultations

If you need advice on how to effectively use your website to run your business remotely, contact our customer success team via email or chat to set up a free consultation.

Free resources

There are Help Center how-tos, Resource Center articles, and step-by-step guides that offer tips for your B12 website, marketing strategy, remote productivity, and more.

Support directory

Small businesses are the heart and soul of B12 and our local communities. That’s why we compiled resources to make it easier for small business owners and employees to get the assistance they need. Take a look at the directory to find a helpful resource or consider submitting a listing if you’re in a position to offer something.

Financial assistance

If your business is experiencing hardship due to the pandemic, email hello@b12.io with more information about your situation. We’ll work with you to keep your website up and running.

Thank you for continuing to trust B12 with your website and business. On behalf of our entire team, we’re committed to working alongside you and persevering through this together. We’re lucky to have you as a customer, and we hope that you and your loved ones are and remain safe.