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Adding a Video Gallery Section with YouTube or Vimeo Links
Adding a Video Gallery Section with YouTube or Vimeo Links

How to add videos to any page

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This article shows how to add fully playable videos to your website in a gallery format. Videos in a gallery will play in full screen on any device with sound!

To add a video background to a section, see these instructions.

1. First navigate to the page you'd like to add the video gallery to.

2. Click the Add Section button to add a new section to your page.

3. You will see a list of sections you can add. Click on Video Gallery:

4. Several section layouts will appear, click the one that looks best for your needs. (You can always customize it later, too!)

Optional: Click on the section text boxes to make edits. You can edit the title, subtitle and text for your video gallery section here. You can even add a thumbnail for your video by uploading an image!

5. Select a video from the Resources list by clicking Video title.
Or you can add a new video to your Video gallery by clicking Add new resource.

6.Click on the Link section to add the link to your Youtube or Vimeo video.
Make sure the Link type is set to External website URL.

Optional: You can edit the title and description for your video itself here!

7. Final steps required for adding a new video:
Click Add CMS i... at the top to return to your resource, then the Add item button at the bottom.

Note: We recommend using Youtube or Vimeo to play most videos on your site, but you can also upload your own video files to the video gallery section if they are 25mb or less in size.

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