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View your website's performance and search analytics
View your website's performance and search analytics

B12 gives you access to monthly analytics to help track your website's performance!

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Website Traffic Analytics (all B12 websites)

You can view your website's traffic information with B12's built-in monthly analytics reports for your site. To access your website's analytics reports, follow these steps.

1. Log in to your account here.

2. Click Analytics, which is located under Website.

3. This page includes the following information:

  • Website traffic: number of unique visits to your website

  • Top pages and blog posts: individual website pages with the most visits

  • Traffic sources: how visitors arrived at your site (by percentage of visits)
    Organic Search: Visitors found your site using a search engine, like Google or Yahoo.
    Referral: Visitors clicked on a link to your website from another website.
    Social: Visitors clicked on a link on a social media platform, like Facebook or LinkedIn.
    Direct: Visitors typed your website into their browser directly.

  • Traffic by device: what kind of device visitors viewed your website from, by percentage

  • Interactions: This can include contact/booking form submissions, Drift chat conversations, and emails (if you are using a B12 custom email address).

Note: if you do not see data in your Analytics section, you may need to re-publish your website in order to take advantage of our automatic analytics reporting. If you have questions, reach out to us at

For more detailed analytics reporting, we recommend linking a free Google Analytics account by following these instructions.

Keyword Ranking Analytics (SEO customers only)

Customers on one of our SEO subscriptions can view a few keyword ranking highlights on the Analytics page. For more in-depth SEO analytics, take a look at our How To Log In To My SEO Dashboard article.

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