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Do I need to renew my domain?

If you received an email or contact form submission that says your domain is expired or expiring, view this information for help!

Written by Jay Douglas

While your domain registrar may contact you about your domain expiring, they will never reach out using your website's contact form. If you have received an email notification for a B12 contact form submission regarding your domain's expiration, this is likely a phishing attempt and should be ignored or deleted. Domain registrars will only contact you directly via the email address associated with your account.

If you received a notification that your domain is expiring, see these helpful tips to make sure your domain ownership is up to date or renew your domain safely.

If you owned your domain before signing up with B12, you will need to maintain ownership of your domain. In most cases, domains need to be renewed each year in order to maintain ownership. Some registrars also offer longer-term renewals.
We recommend setting up auto-renewal with your domain registrar to avoid losing your domain or experiencing unwanted downtime due to ownership expiration.

Only your domain registrar (examples: GoDaddy, NameCheap, Register.com, etc.) will contact you about your domain's expiration. If any other party contacts you about your domain, it is best to ignore that communication, as it is likely a phishing attempt.

If you're not sure who your domain registrar is or what your domain's expiration date is, you can view this information publicly at whois.com.

B12 owns my domain on my behalf

Every B12 subscription includes a free domain name, which we purchase and renew on behalf of our customers. If we purchased your domain when you signed up with B12, you do not need to do anything to renew your domain each year. We take care of this for you!

Since B12 owns your domain, we receive all communication from the registrar about your domain. If anyone contacts you able your domain expiring, this communication should be ignored, as it is likely a phishing attempt.

If you want to confirm that B12 has renewed your domain name on time, your domain's expiration date is publicly available at whois.com.

I'm not sure who owns my domain name

  • Contact B12's Support Team first before clicking any renewal links or responding to any emails regarding your domain expiration.

  • View your domain's registrar and expiration date at whois.com.

  • Only your domain's registrar will contact you about your domain.

  • If your domain's expiration date has passed or is approaching, log in to your registrar directly to renew your domain. Don't click any links in email communication or reply to unsolicited messages.

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