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Adding a Coming Soon or Under Construction page
Adding a Coming Soon or Under Construction page

Learn how to add a temporary home page that you can publish while you edit your website.

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Adding a temporary home page is a great way to let people know that your website is under construction or that is going to be launching soon. With an eye-catching coming soon page, you can still attract site visitors and capture leads, even if you're not ready to publish your full website yet!

Follow these instructions to replace your site's existing Home page with a Coming Soon page that keeps the rest of your site hidden while you edit.

1. Under Pages, click Add page

2. Select Coming Soon from the list of pages.

3. Once your new page is created, click the gear icon .

4. Choose Set as homepage from the dropdown.
This will make your Coming Soon page the first page visitors see when they arrive at your website.

6. Hide your Header and/or Footer sections, by clicking the eye symbol next to the section title. This will keep the rest of your site hidden while you work on it!
Once the section is hidden, the eye symbol will have a slash (/) through it.

7. Customize your Coming Soon page to include any information you would like visitors to see. For example, you can include:

  • When to expect your site launch

  • How customers can contact you (phone number, email, etc.)

  • A sign-up form for customers to receive news and updates

  • Links to your social media pages

8. Optional: In most cases, we recommend leaving your other website pages visible to preserve backlinks and search result rankings, but if you need to temporarily remove any pages while your Coming Soon page is published, be sure to hide those pages that you don't want to be visible. When you publish your new home page (next step), any hidden pages will no longer be available online.

9. Click Preview to see how your new page looks. Then click Publish to update your live website with your new Coming Soon page!

Note: If you have not connected your domain yet, follow these instructions to connect your domain.

Additional information:
Your homepage (sometimes called index page) is the first page you see when you log in to the website editor, as well as the first page customers see when they arrive at your website.

If you're not sure which page has been set as your homepage, you can identify it in your list of pages by the house icon next to the page title.

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