Adding a new page to your website

Learn how to add a new page and link it to your navigation bar!

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Step 1: Create your new page

1. Click click Website, then Pages.

2. Click Add page.

3. Select the type of page you want, such as Blog Feed or Gallery.

4. Your new page will be added to your list of Pages and it will open automatically.
Note: Your page will include 2-3 sections to get you started, usually a Hero section, a Section for your main content (e.g. Blog feed or Gallery), and a Contact CTA (call-to-action) section.

5. Edit and customize your new page or add additional sections to it!

Step 2 (Optional): Add your new page to your site's navigation bar

When your page is first created, it is not linked on your site anywhere. In many cases, you may want to include your new page in the header or navigation bar at the top of your site to make it easy to find.

1. Hover over the Header section at the top of your site and click Edit section.

2. Click Add navigation link.

3. In the Text field, enter the name of the link.
This is the text customers will see and click on.

4. In Link type, select Page or section to link to your new page.

5. In Links to, select the page or section you want to link to from the drop-down.

  • To link to your new page select the Page name only.
    Example: Blog feed

  • To link to a section within your page, select Page name | Section name.
    Example: Blog feed | Blog feed

6. Under Appearance, choose whether to add a text link or a button.

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