Editing a Gallery Section

Learn how to add new photos/images to your Gallery section and customize your Gallery layout.

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If you don't have a Gallery page or section yet, follow these instructions to add a new page or section to your site!

Tip: If you have a Gallery page, you can find it by typing Gallery in the search bar above Pages.

Choose your Gallery section to edit it

To edit your Gallery, click your Gallery section from the list in the Left pane
or click Edit section in the Right pane.

Edit your section text

Add a new gallery item

1. In the Left pane, click Add new gallery item,

2. Select an existing image or video from your library or upload your own.

  • To use an image that is already on your site, scroll through your library and click the image that you'd like to use, then click Continue.
    Note: Videos have a small camera icon in the lower right corner.

  • To use a stock image from B12's built-in link to Unplash, click Search, search for an image by keyword, select an image, then click Continue.

3. (Optional) Edit the title or caption of your image.
Note: This text may not be visible on your site. For additional display options, see below to change your gallery section layout.

  • Click your new image in your Gallery items list to edit it.

  • Edit the title and/or subtitle text


Remove a Gallery item

To remove an image or video from your Gallery, just click the next to the item in your list of Gallery items.
Tip: You can add this Gallery item back later by clicking Add existing gallery items!

Change your gallery layout

You can display your images in a grid or carousel, add a lightbox pop-up, or display text or captions with your images.

Follow these instructions to change your gallery layout.

Tip: Customize your gallery grid by changing the number of columns.

See these instructions to learn more about customizing your layout.


  • Adjust the alignment of your images

  • Change the size of your images

  • Customize the scrolling setting for a carousel/slider

  • Customize your lightbox view

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