Adding a new section to a page

Add more text, images, or other content to your page by adding a new section!

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If you want to add more content or design elements to a page, you can do that by adding a new section to your page! Follow these steps to add your new section.

1. Click the website and then page where you want to add a section.

2. Click Add section.

3. Select the type of section you want to add.

Tip: You can search for a specific type of section by typing into the ๐Ÿ” Search... field!

4. Select a layout. Use the layout preview to determine which one works best for your new section. Keep in mind, you can customize your layout after you select it or change it later!

Layout Selection Tips:

Some layouts have multiple options! Click the purple arrow to see additional layout options.

To see even more layout choices, change Recommended layouts to All layouts.

5. New sections are added to the bottom of your page. Reorder your section by following these instructions!

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