There are a number of ways to get in touch with a member of the B12 team! Learn more about them below.

For DIY, Basic, Premium, and Professional Customers

Regardless of your plan, you can connect with the team in the following ways:

  • Email us via
  • Use the chat bubble (highlighted below) inside your B12 Editor to send a message

For Basic, Premium, and Professional Customers

For customers on our Basic, Premium, and Professional plans, you also have access to scheduled phone support with our Customer Support, SEO Expert, and Design teams!

If you'd like to schedule a call with any of these teams team, please reach out to us via email with a summary of what you'd like help with! Once we're in touch, we'll help you to schedule time with the best team for the job.

Why We Scheduled Calls

When you schedule a call with a member of our team, the teammate budgets time to go over your site and identify any issues. By giving us this time, you allow us to begin formulating potential solutions ahead of the call, resulting in a better and faster resolution of your issue, and definitive and thorough answers to any questions.

For Design Assistance for Basic, Premium, and Professional Customers

For rather small design changes, such as small changes to text or the hiding of sections, you're welcome to reach out to our Customer Support team via

If you would like to have broader design changes made to your site, you'll need to submit a design request by following the steps in this article.

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