Add or Edit Your Business Hours

Let customers know when they can work with your business!

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1. Log in to

2. Click Website, then Pages.

3. Click Home.

4. Click Footer.

5. Click Contact Information.

6. Scroll down to the "Show business hours" checkbox and be sure it's enabled. If the checkbox is unchecked, check it off to enable the editing of your business hours. From here, you'll be able to edit your business hours on a daily basis.

7. Your business hours will update automatically in any sections with a layout that supports business hours. Commonly, hours will appear in Contact sections and Footer sections.

If you're not seeing business hours appear in either of these sections, you may need to change the section's layout to a layout that supports business hours. If you need to change a section's layout to one that supports business hours, you can do so by following the steps in our Changing Your Section Layout article.
If you need any further assistance with editing your business hours, or if you need a hand with anything else related to your site, you're welcome to reach out to us by emailing, or by reaching out via the chat window inside of your editor.

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