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How Do I Log In To My SEO Dashboard
How Do I Log In To My SEO Dashboard

View an in-depth analysis of your keyword rankings in your SEO dashboard

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Customers on one of our SEO subscriptions can view a few keyword ranking highlights on the Analytics page inside of their editor. For more in-depth SEO analytics follow these steps!

1. Log in to your SEO Dashboard at This is a different login than the one used for your B12 Editor. If you don't have login credentials for the SEO dashboard, or need help resetting them, please feel free to reach out to us via email at

2. Click Analytics, then Ranking Analytics.

3. This page includes the following information:

  • Average rank of keywords that appear in the top 50 in local Google searches, tracked over time

  • Overview of recent keyword movements: Number that are rising, declining, currently in the top 50, or currently in the top 51-100.

  • Full list of tracked keywords and their current rank on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Note: We do not recommend adding additional keywords from your Ranking Analytics page. If you would like to target new keywords as part of your site's SEO strategy, we recommend scheduling a call with one of our SEO experts at this link:

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