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Creating a payout with B12 Invoicing
Creating a payout with B12 Invoicing

Transfer funds from online payments to a bank account

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When a client pays their invoice, you will receive a confirmation email. You can then see the funds under Payments in your B12 account. You can make a payout 2-5 business days after a client pays an invoice.

1. Log in to and click Payments and Invoicing.

2. Click Payments. Funds under Available are ready to be transferred to a bank account. Funds under Pending will become available 2-5 business days after you received the payment confirmation email.

3. Click Payouts and click Create payout to transfer the funds.

If you need to change the bank account that is receiving the payment, you can do so under Bank accounts.

Learn more about Online Payments and Invoicing here, or send an email to

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