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Invite other team members to your B12 account and manage their access.

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Team is an embedded user management feature that enables you to invite other team members to your B12 account and manage their access, so they can more easily collaborate, delegate, and run their business in a shared space.

This feature is only available on our Professional plan and above. You can read about our plans and pricing here.

Add team members

  1. Dashboard > Your business > Team

  2. By default the primary account holder will display as the first team member with all permissions available to your plan.

  3. Click on the Invite team member button. Complete all fields and select their permissions.

    1. Your invited team member will receive an invitation to your B12 team after you click the Send invitation button.

    2. Invited team members will be prompted to fill in a password to complete the account creation process .

    3. You will receive an email to notify you when the team member accepts your invitation.

  4. The invited team member will display with your Team list with an Invite sent status.

Error handling

  1. At the moment, if B12 already has an email address on file for a specific user, you cannot create another account.

  2. To get around this, we suggest the following at this time:

    1. Check with those who you’re going to invite to see if they’ve ever registered with B12 before you send them an invite.

    2. If they have, use an alternative email to invite them, or augment the email they have (ie. add a +1 or something after the address → so becomes This will count in our system as a new email, but will still send information to their original address.

    3. If the person you’ve invited is encountering issues, they can contact our Customer Success team in the following ways:

      1. Email B12 via

      2. Use the “Chat with us” button inside your B12 Editor to reach a live support specialist during support hours or leave a message after hours.

      3. Schedule a call.

Changing a team member's permissions

  1. Click on the team member row in the table.

  2. Select or deselect specific permissions and click Save permissions.

Deactivating a team member

  1. Click on the team member row in the table.

  2. Click on the gear icon and select Deactivate.

  3. A confirmation window will display. Click the Continue button.

  4. The team member's status will be Deactivated in both the Team Member table and in the Team member detail view on the left.

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