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Adding a visible reCAPTCHA checkbox to your contact forms
Adding a visible reCAPTCHA checkbox to your contact forms

Learn how to change your spam filtering settings for contact forms

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B12 contact forms include an automated invisible spam filter called Google reCaptcha v.3. With the invisible filter, most legitimate inquiries will pass through without any disruption, while suspicious submissions will be blocked. While suspicious submissions will not trigger an email notification, the suspicious submissions are still captured in the Contact Manager, which you can view by following these instructions.

If you are concerned about missing submissions due to false positives and would like to take a more manual approach, you can enable a visible reCAPTCHA checkbox, which must be selected in order to complete your contact forms. You can do that by following these instructions:

1. From the B12 Dashboard, click Website.

2. Go to Settings

3. Under Google reCAPTCHA, click on Go to settings.

Click on Go to settings

4. Under the Type dropdown, click on Invisible and select Checkbox.

Click on Invisible

4. Click on Publish to update all the forms on your live website!

Click on Publish
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