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Refunding a payment in Payments & Invoicing
Refunding a payment in Payments & Invoicing

Learn how to refund a client's payment if you need to return it to them.

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If you need to return a payment to your customer, you can refund their payment through your B12 account! Follow these instructions to initiate the refund.

1. Log in to the B12 Editor and click Payments and Invoicing.

2. Click Payments.

Note: Funds that are still Pending will become available to refund 2-5 business days after you received the payment confirmation email.

3. Under the Action column click the three dots next to the payment you wish to refund and click Refund payment.

Your client's refund will take approximately 5-10 business days to process, depending on their bank.

Learn more about Payments and Invoicing here, or send an email to

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