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How to set up Next Steps to move your client along your onboarding experience

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Next steps functionality helps you customize and control what happens after your client performs an action on your site, such as making a payment or submitting a form.

The following Next Steps are possible:

  1. None - stay on the same page and only display the success message

  2. Complete a form - go to the selected form

  3. Schedule an appointment - go to the selected scheduling form

  4. Make a payment - go the the selected checkout page.

  5. Redirect to another page - go to the specified section / page / URL / media

After selecting the Next Step you'd like, make sure to provide next step details by specifying the target such as Add form / Add scheduling form / Add payment details / Add redirect.

  1. For this example, we will select Schedule an appointment since this is a common next step after a client completes a payment.

  2. Select the scheduling form from the list or create a new scheduling form by clicking Add new form. Then click Save.

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