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How to automatically sort/reorder collection items
How to automatically sort/reorder collection items

Set an automatic filter for your collection items to keep organized and save time

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Examples of section types that can include collection items are blogs posts, services, image galleries, video galleries, resources, faqs, and team.

There are two options to automatically sort/reorder collection items.

  1. Click Sort (under the Add existing services field) to sort by newer first or older first. Once selected, the current list of collection items will update and any new collection item will be filtered using Sort option selected.

  2. Click Display options

    [Use this option if you want advanced sorting filter options (please note that only 1 filter can be applied) or if you want to show a preview or smaller version of your collection items as a section on another page].

    1. Under Sorting and filtering, click Automatic

    2. Click the field under Sorted to select the filter option you would like to use.

    3. Click the field under Number of items to show to select how many collection items you would like to show.

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