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B12 purchased my domain - how can I edit my DNS records?
B12 purchased my domain - how can I edit my DNS records?
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Note: This article only applies to customers who purchased their B12 subscription before February 2024. New customers can purchase and manage their own domains through B12 and our partner, IONOS, by following these instructions.

Need to make edits to your domain's DNS records, but B12 purchased it so you aren't able to access those records? Whether it is to verify an email account, create a subdomain, or create a custom email address for email forwarding, we will be happy to help with that!

Reach out to us at and we'll be happy to help you!

If we have purchased your domain, but you would rather it be transferred to you so that you have access to edit DNS records, you can email us that request at

Instructions if you are trying to verify a domain for a Google Workspace Account

If you would rather we edit the DNS records, we can complete this process for you, and would just need you to retrieve and email to us the Verification Code (step 3F below).

Step 1: Login to Google Workspace account

You will need to be logged into your Google Workspace setup tool to retrieve the necessary information. Make sure you are logged into your Admin Google Account

Step 2: Accessing Verification Steps

Once logged in, you can access the verification steps by routing to "Menu" In the upper left corner of the Admin console, then Account, then Domains, then Manage domains.

If your domain is not already showing, you can add it here and access the verification steps in the same place.

Step 3: Verification Steps

A) Click "Activate"


After you click "Activate", you will see another pop up asking you to sign in to your GoDaddy account to complete. If you route to the bottom left corner of that pop up box, you will see the option "Or switch verification method", click on that link.


After clicking the link a second box will appear as below, select the option "Manual Activation", then click "Next".


On the next pop up, scroll to the bottom and click "Next: Go to Step 2"


The first MX record to be added will appear, after adding this MX record to your DNS records, click "Save"

There are then 4 more similar MX to be added:


The first five records are universal, so if you are planning to send us the records, you don't need to send the first 5. The 6th record you will find in the box labeled "(i) Get your verification code". This code is specific to your account and this is the code we need you to email to us or share with us in chat.


After you have confirmation that all 6 records have been added in, click "Activate Gmail" in the bottom right corner. If this window closes while we are adding the records, you can still get back to this by click through the steps again.


After clicking "Activate Gmail", wait for the activation to process (this can take up to 5 minutes).

On the following screen you will see a message saying that Google suggests the verification can take up to 48 hours, often it is sooner, but if it still isn't verified 48 hours after, reach out to us!

Instructions if you are trying to verify a domain for a Microsoft Office 365 Account

You can retrieve the MX records necessary for verifying your domain on a 365 account following Microsoft's instructional video here.

You can reach us via email at or via live chat in the bottom right corner of your editor Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm ET

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