Why are my background videos not playing on my iPhone?

If you are viewing your website on an iPhone, and your background videos aren't playing, this will help!

Written by Carolyn Smiga


You've just added a background video to your B12 site and you're excited for your visitors to see it, but when you try to watch it on your phone it won't automatically play like it does on your computer. Read more to find out why.

If you are viewing your B12 site on an iPhone and notice that your background video isn't playing, it could be that your iPhone battery is too low or in "Low Power Mode".

If you set your iPhone to low power mode, it will impact certain automatic features to reduce bandwidth and extend the battery life.

You can find more information on iPhone's "Low Power Mode" and what viewing impacts it might have here on Apple's site.

You can add or change a Background Video to a section following these steps.

If you have any questions about background videos, we are happy to help! You can reach us via email at hello@b12.io and via live chat in the bottom right corner of your editor, Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm ET.