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How to add a downloadable file to your website
How to add a downloadable file to your website

Adding a downloadable file to your B12 website

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You can add downloadable files to your B12 site within a button or link!

  1. From your Editor Dashboard, click "Website"

2. Click on "Pages" to open the list of your pages

3. Click on the name of the page where you would like to add the downloadable file

4. In the left panel, click on the section that you would like to place it into on that page.

5. Click on the "Link" field. (If there is not a "link" field, the layout might need to be changed, or a new section containing this field might need to be added)

6. Enter text you would to show with link/button in "Text" field

7. Change link type to "Media File"

8. Click "Choose from Library"

9. Click "Upload Media", then locate file from your computer that you want to add

10. If you would like the file to open in a new tab, or if you would like to add a nofollow attribute, you can check the box next to them here.

You can also select if you want the downloadable file to appear as a link or a button.

11. Your link/button will appear for viewing in the right panel. If you would like to test it out, click preview in the upper right corner to open an interactive preview in another tab.

If you have any questions about adding downloadable files, we are happy to help! You can reach us via email at and via live chat in the bottom right corner of your editor, Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm ET.

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