If you're like most people with a website, you'll want an email address that matches your domain name. Besides being more professional, an email address with your domain name can help with brand recognition and customer retention.

Does B12 provide email services?

Who else provides email services?

  • There are plenty of email service providers (ESPs) out there. A quick Google search will show you dozens of top ten lists and best-of articles that offer deep dives into various ESPs and their features.

  • Some popular ESPs for small businesses include: GoDaddy Email, Google Gsuite, Zoho Mail, and Microsoft Office 365.  

How do I connect my domain email to my website?

  • Typically, the ESP you choose will need to verify that you control the domain you want an email address for. 

  • There are a few ways to verify you do in fact control your domain. The most common is to add a TXT record to your domain's DNS configuration. The second most common is to add a meta-tag to your website's HTML code. Your ESP should provide you with instructions on how to complete these steps.

  • If you need help with either of these verification methods, please contact your dedicated Customer Success team member or email hello@b12.io so that we may assist you.

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