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Setting up your remote business
Setting up your remote business

These tools help you shift to working online.

Written by Katelyn Gray
Updated over a week ago

As you transition to running your business remotely, there are free or low-cost tools that can help your team collaborate and stay productive. It’s easy to set up some of our favorites, like Zoom and Drift, and to take advantage of B12 offerings like email marketing and online scheduling.

Hold meetings using Zoom

Replicate your face-to-face meetings with a video conferencing tool like Zoom, which offers a free version. Zoom is great for one-on-one meetings, conference calls, and hosting webinars or virtual events for customers. 

Get started with Zoom:

  1. Visit Zoom’s signup page and create an account. You can create an account using an email address or Facebook.

  2. If you sign up using email, Zoom will send you an activation email. Click on “Activate Account” in the email or copy and paste the activation URL into your web browser to activate your account.

  3. To finish activating your account, fill in your first and last name and a password.

  4. Your account is all set! Now you can download the Zoom app and start holding meetings.

Chat with customers using Drift

As your business grows and changes, prompt communication is critical. Adding an online chat integration to your website will help you set up more appointments and provide excellent customer service. Drift is a popular live chat platform that works seamlessly with your B12 site.

For more details, read our guide on integrating Drift into your site

Fill your schedule using B12 Bookings

Let your customers instantly book virtual appointments or consultations with you. With B12 Bookings, your appointments will perfectly integrate with the available time slots on your online calendar. 

Send updates using B12 Email Marketing

Email marketing helps you engage with your customers and sell your products or services. With B12 Email Marketing, your emails automatically match your website’s design and our customizable messages enable you to send better emails fast. The best part — B12 is offering free email marketing through 2020 to help you strengthen your customer base.

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