This feature is only available for Standard or Premium plan holders.

Adding online scheduling to your website can be quick and easy, and provides your clients the ease and efficiency of scheduling an appointment directly from your website.

Connecting and synchronizing your calendar to the online scheduling tool will ensure that prospects or clients can accurately schedule appointments with you.

  1. Dashboard > Your business > Scheduling

  2. Connect a calendar > Get started

  3. Select your calendar provider. B12 has a trusted partnership with a service called Cronofy to securely connect your calendar to you online scheduling tool. We will use Google Calendar as an example in the next few screenshots.

  4. Select the “I agree…” checkbox > Click Link Account

  5. Choose your account

  6. Click Allow

  7. Your calendar is displayed as a connected calendar. You can select which calendars you'd like to check for conflicts and schedule appointments.

  8. If you'd like to disconnect this calendar at any time, simply click the Disconnect this calendar button at the bottom of the Calendar settings.

  9. If you' like to edit this connected calendar, you can click on the calendar name in the list.

  10. You can connect additional calendars, such as a personal calendar, by clicking the Add calendar button. The steps to connect an additional calendar are the same as outlined in the steps above.

  11. Now your online scheduling forms will reflect your calendar's open slots, ensuring that website visitors or clients can accurately schedule appointments with you.

For a more complete guide fully detailing all aspects of the Scheduling tool, please take a look at our online scheduling guide.

If you still have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our team.

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